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The time had come...

Maggie MadHello, and thank you for being here!  It all began when our family had finally had enough of being enslaved to the 'Pacifier Needs' of our child.  Let me restate that; my son's want for his binky was clearly out of hand!  The last straw was a day when we had to drive 20 minutes back home from an outing, because we had forgotten the coveted pacifier.  That was the day we both knew that something had to change!  Sound familiar?   The very same pacifier, which started out as a blessing, had become a focused part of our daily routine (never be the one who forgot the binky!!).   At first it seemed so much easier to let him just have it.... but the time came when we knew the 'suckling stage' was clearly over.

Binky, Dummy, Nuk, Nukie, Pacifier, Pacie, Bee Bee or Soother; whatever name you give it, there comes a day when it just has to go!  So there we were, our turn at facing the dreaded Binky dilemma.  We knew that there had to be a more positive way than the 'cold turkey' approach. We also knew that logic simply was not going to work.  We began by getting clear about what we did, and didn't want:

binky check   We didn't want to subject our child to the 'cold-turkey' approach. Bye Bye Pacifier
binky check   We didn't want a parade of endless tantrums.
binky check   The process had to be quick and easy.
binky check   We did not want to end up being the 'bad guy'.
binky check   We didn't trust some advice we got from friends and family (yikes!).
binky check   We wanted the Pacifier phase to be over peacefully.
binky check   Lastly, it was important that our child ended up feeling Happy and Proud of Himself!



The Discovery of a Little Known Secret

 From that day forward, we were on a mission!  We evaluated every method possible.  Then our Pediatrician called us with a new,  doctor endorsed method she had justOh No learned, on how to stop the binky habit. She asked if we would give it a try, and give her feedback.   Guess what...  It Worked Beautifully!   No kidding, we were completely blown away!!  I clearly remember having to hold laughter back during the process (as you will too).  The best part was that in only 4 days, we had a very happy child, who on his own will, had absolutely no interest in his pacifier anymore.  This is no gimmick; the method is simple and painless... and it trulyworks!

Everyone whom we had we shared this with had the exact same experience. 
 Writing Bye-Bye-Pacifier was born out of hearing so many of our friends and family rave about their own successes.  With additional research, we perfected, and documented the process (as well as why it works so well).  The very best part is hearing from people about their personal success stories (please, do take the time to email us, and we will write back).

Let's get right to the point

Four days from today your child will give up the binky on his/her own... Guaranteed!   On that forth day, you and your family will be done with your child's pacifier phase.  This is a simple step by step process that is easy to follow, painless for your child, and will have you giggling all along (that is a promise)!  This method is so successful that people are compelled to share.  See what others are saying about their personal successes below (this is a small sample, but the theme is always the same). 

Good Stuff
Side Note: In the 8+ years that we have been sharing this method, we have never had a single negative email response; not even one!  We also have never had a request for us to honor our no questions, money back guarantee (which we would immediately honor if ever asked). 
All of the testimonials we receive truly warm our hearts. Whether it is a success story or question, we also personally respond to every email we receive, so drop us a note! 


A few of the many emails we receive.
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Get Bye-Bye-Pacifier

You have only the Pacifier to lose!

Now is the time to act!  

If you are ready to for that pacifier to painlessly go away, there is no better time than now to take action. For less than ten dollars (less than the price of a simple meal!), you too can be on your way to a pleasurable end to  the binky phase!  Simply state, this works....   We are so confident that you will rave about Bye-Bye-Pacifier to your friends, that we are willing to offer a 100%, No hassle, No questions asked Full Refund Guarantee!   If for ANY reason at all, you are not completely satisfied with either the results, or the method, keep the materials, contact us with a call or email, (you don't even have to have an explanation), and we will promptly refund your money.  This is our promise, confidence and commitment to your results.

For a short time, we are also offering the Bonus Report:   Bye-Bye-Diapers!

Order today and we will also include our popular publication, 'Bye-Bye-Diapers'. First there is the pacifier, then comes potty training! Based on the same principal, in 5 days your child will be coming to you and saying:  "I have to use the potty!"  Bye-Bye-Diapers will soon be sold as its very own download.  Order Bye-Bye-Pacifier today and you also get Bye-Bye-Diapers... for FREE!

                         YES, I am ready for our family to move off of the pacifier!
                          I am also ready to take the first step by instantly downloading
'Bye-Bye-Pacifier'! (plus the bonus of 'Bye-Bye-Diapers')
... all for the valued price of only $27.99.

Discounted Price of... Only $9.98    (that isn't even ten bucks!)

Smart Move

For less than ten bucks, you too can be on the fast track to a happier Child and Life!!

About Us

Passing it Forward

Thank You again for stopping by!  Anna and I are Blessed parents of two young, active boys here in San Ramon, California. Please feel free to reach out to us should you have any comments, questions, or if you would simply like to share your experience (which is the best part for us).  We will personally respond to every email, and never use your address for anything but responding back to you.  Please, also 'pass it forward' to others, by referring this site to your friends.  Another way to help, is to share the Bye-Bye-Pacifier.com website, and your pacifier experiences, with others in any blog or social sites that you might be a part of.  You can also click here to email this page to a friend!  These are simple ways that you too can participate in helping others. Lastly, as not to forget, feel free to click here to add Bye-Bye-Pacifier to your Favorites! Truly wishing you, and your family, Peace and Love in your lives.

God Bless,



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